Monarch - 5lb bag
Monarch - 5lb bag
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Monarch - 5lb bag

Our signature Monarch blend is designed to be extremely approachable and make for terrific drip coffee as well as espresso. 

Medium Grind from fresh Whole Beans
1 Part Coffee to 16 Parts Filtered Water at 195-205° F
Sip it slow in your favorite mug
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About Monarch
Country Brazil/ El Salvador/ Ethiopia
Variety Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Pacas, Wush Wush
Elevation 1,200 masl/2,300 masl
Process Pulped Natural/Washed/Natural
notes of Chocolate covered berry
About this coffee, Paubrazil

Paubrasil is a tribute to Brazil's coffee legacy, mirroring the nation's environmental harmony. This coffee, named after the national tree, is a testament to Brazil's agricultural prowess. It offers a flavor profile perfected by farmers skilled in adapting to changing climates. Certified by the Regiao Cerrado Mineiro Designation of Origin, Paubrasil is grown in a unique zone known for distinct flavors, upheld by the Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation's commitment to quality and labor standards. It's a blend of Brazilian tradition and excellence.

About this coffee, Monte Verde & Wush Wush

Finca Monte Verde Coffee:
Finca Monte Verde, under Rene Contreras's stewardship, thrives on El Salvador's volcanic soils, nourished by the Chingo Volcano. The farm's Bourbon and Pacas varieties yield a coffee with a spectrum of flavors, from maple and hazelnut to tropical fruit, varying with the brew method. This lot exemplifies El Salvador's washed-process, offering a chocolatey finish. Rene's family has cultivated these lands for generations, and today, their coffee is a hallmark of sweetness and quality.

Ethiopia Wush Wush Coffee:
Ethiopia's Wush Wush coffee, named after its origin region, is a celebration of flavor. Grown by 450 farmers in the Ethiopian highlands, this heirloom variety undergoes a unique limited-oxygen fermentation process, enhancing its rich fruitiness and sweet mouthfeel. The coffee cherries are sealed in bags to ferment, then sun-dried on raised beds, resulting in a profile bursting with watermelon candy, chocolate, and malt. This method reduces over-fermentation risks while maintaining the desired juicy sweetness, making Wush Wush a distinctive and sought-after choice for coffee lovers.


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