Aquiares Mariana -12oz

Aquiares Mariana -12oz

Origin:  Turriaalba, Costa Rica
Variety: Mariana
Elevation: 1,200 masl
Process: Natural
We taste Strawberry Shortcake

Introducing Aquiares Mariana: A Sustainable Coffee Journey
Experience the delightful taste of strawberry shortcake with Aquiares Mariana, a
remarkable coffee from Costa Rica. Originating from Aquiares Estate, the largest
farm in Costa Rica, located on the lush slopes of the Turrialba volcano, Aquiares
means “land between rivers” in the Huetar indigenous language.

A Community-Driven Transformation
Aquiares Coffee and Community was revitalized by Alfonso Robelo in the 1980s.
Fleeing civil war in Nicaragua, Alfonso transformed the farm into a thriving
community where workers could own their homes, fostering pride and stability.
Today, his son Diego manages the farm, focusing on specialty coffee and
sustainable agriculture.

Sustainability at Its Core
Committed to carbon neutrality, Aquiares measures and offsets its greenhouse gas
emissions, verified under International Panel on Climate Change norms. The farm’s
protected biological corridors support local wildlife, and researchers are welcomed to
study agroforestry benefits and biodiversity.

The Mariana Cultivar and Natural Processing
Mariana, an F1 hybrid cultivar related to Starmaya, is a cross between IAPAR 59
and a male-sterile Ethiopian landrace variety. This lot undergoes Natural processing,
starting with the sorting of ripe coffee cherries, followed by drying on patios and
raised beds for 16-20 days.

A Model of Innovation and Equity
Aquiares Mariana is not just a coffee; it represents a commitment to sustainability,
equity, and innovation. The efforts of Aquiares Estate extend beyond the farm,
serving as a model for the broader coffee industry.
Discover Aquiares Mariana, a coffee that captures the essence of Costa Rica’s rich
coffee heritage and sustainable practices.

Medium Grind from fresh Whole Beans
1 Part Coffee to 16 Parts Filtered Water at 195-205° F
Sip it slow in your favorite mug
Find us in-store or shop online
Country Costa Rica
Elevation 1,200 masl P
Process Natural
We Taste Strawberry Shortcake


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