La Florida - 12 oz bag
La Florida - 12 oz bag
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La Florida - 12 oz bag

We are tasting notes of Raspberry, Ube and Caramel in this Washed processed coffee from Guatemala!

Medium Grind from fresh Whole Beans
1 Part Coffee to 16 Parts Filtered Water at 195-205° F
Sip it slow in your favorite mug
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About Guatemala La Florida
Region Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Variety Caturra
Elevation 1,600 masl
Process Washed
We Taste Raspberry, Ube and Caramel
About this coffee

Introducing La Florida: A Testament to Dedication and Quality
Discover La Florida, a remarkable coffee from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, cultivated with passion and precision by Doña Romelia Sánchez Gómez. Since acquiring her farm in 2006 from Mr. Jose Sanchez, Doña Romelia has transformed it into a beacon of productivity and quality.
A Journey of Transformation
Under Romelia's meticulous care, the coffee plants at La Florida have flourished. Her attention to detail extends beyond the plants to the well-being of her family and workers, as well as the health of the soil. This holistic approach has resulted in a significant increase in the farm's productivity.
Sustainable Growth and Expansion
Doña Romelia is not one to rest on her laurels. She has ambitious plans to expand La Florida, acquiring new land and implementing innovative management techniques to further enhance the cultivation of coffee. The farm, currently producing 270 quintal parchment annually, is a model of sustainable growth.
A Harmony with Nature
La Florida is nestled in an environment that naturally nurtures coffee. The farm is shaded by Chalum and Gravilea trees, while rolling cloud cover cools the Santa Barbara area, creating ideal conditions for coffee growth. The farm's biodiversity is enriched by the cultivation of peaches and avocados, contributing to the ecological balance.
A Coffee That Reflects Care and Quality
This microlot offering from Finca La Florida is a testament to Doña Romelia's dedication. The coffee is crisp, sweet, and refreshing - a direct reflection of the care and quality invested in its production. Each cup offers a glimpse into the life and work of Doña Romelia, a woman whose commitment to her land and people is as deep as it is inspiring.
La Florida is more than just a coffee; it's a story of transformation, dedication, and a deep connection to the land. Enjoy a cup of La Florida and taste the difference that genuine care and quality can make.


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