The Queen - 5lb bag
The Queen - 5lb bag
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The Queen - 5lb bag

In this Honey Process coffee from Costa Rica, we taste notes of Tropical Fruits, Chamomile, and Cacao !


Queen is a project that has been created by Palace to celebrate women in the coffee industry. This coffee was grown by women owned farms, roasted by and cupped by women that work at Palace. $1 dollar of every bag sold will go to support a local non profit that focuses on women's issues.

Medium Grind from fresh Whole Beans
1 Part Coffee to 16 Parts Filtered Water at 195-205° F
Sip it slow in your favorite mug
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About The Queen
Region Tarrazú, Costa Rica
Variety Caturra, Catuai
Elevation 1,600 masl
Process Honey
We Taste Tropical Fruits, Chamomile, Cacao
About this coffee, Brazil

A Beacon of Women's Empowerment in Costa Rican Coffee
Queen, Palace Coffee's women-led coffee project, proudly introduces Tica Linda from the esteemed Tarrazú region of Costa Rica. This coffee not only showcases exceptional quality but also highlights the empowerment of women in the coffee industry, where they play a crucial role yet have historically faced barriers to resources and support.

Tarrazú's Pride and Female Empowerment
Tica Linda, exclusively produced by women, embodies the shift towards equality in the coffee sector. Grown in the high-altitude, nutrient-rich soils of Tarrazú—a region celebrated for its fine acidity and full-bodied coffee Tica Linda benefits from the ideal growing conditions that include a humid climate and an average temperature of 24ºC.

Processed at Beneficio San Diego, Costa Rica's most modern mill, Tica Linda undergoes the honey process. This innovative method, which conserves water and enhances sweetness, perfectly captures the essence of Costa Rican coffee by balancing natural sweetness with a bright acidity.

As a Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) coffee, Tica Linda matures slowly at altitudes above 1,200 meters, resulting in denser, sweeter beans that reflect the high quality Costa Rica is known for. This commitment to quality is supported by Costa Rica's strong socio-economic infrastructure, ensuring that producers receive nearly 80% of the FOB value.

Tica Linda from Queen is more than just a coffee; it's a symbol of progress, quality, and the empowerment of women in the coffee industry. By choosing Tica Linda, you're not only enjoying a premium cup of Costa Rican coffee but also supporting the vital role of women in shaping the future of coffee production.

But the impact of Queen doesn't stop there. Each bag sold is also a catalyst for change. With every purchase, $1 is donated to The Downtown Women's Center, a devoted local non-profit championing women's issues. By choosing Queen, you're not just indulging in a carefully crafted coffee, but also supporting a cause that directly influences the lives of women in your community.


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