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Origin Mbozi, Songwe, Tanzania
Variety Kent, Bourbon, N39. Local Varieties 
Elevation 1,600 masl
Process Washed
We Taste White Grape, Floral Finish

Introducing Queen Usawa Kahawa: A Balanced Coffee from Tanzania 

We are proud to introduce Queen Usawa Kahawa, our latest offering from the Mbozi region in Songwe, Tanzania. This coffee is produced by smallholders under Heyza  AMCOS and is part of the Usawa Kahawa Project, promoting gender equality and sustainable practices. 

The Usawa Kahawa Project 

Usawa Kahawa, meaning "balanced coffee" in Swahili, was established in 2021 by  Genuine Origin's sister company in Tanzania. The project aims to involve women and youth in coffee farming, ensuring their active participation in the coffee industry. The two  main pillars of the project are: 

Empowering Gender Champions & Implementing Gender Action:  This pillar focuses on promoting gender equality within the coffee farming communities.  Gender champions, who are community members, lead training sessions and initiatives to educate families on the importance of gender equity in coffee production and financial distribution. 

Growing Coffee Production Through Training and Establishing New Farms:  This pillar aims to increase coffee production in Tanzania by providing agricultural training and support to farmers. The project collaborates with Heyza AMCOS to train producers on sustainable farming practices and improve their coffee quality. 

Within the Heyza AMCOS, the Shamba Darasa Model Farm showcases better agricultural practices and serves as a demonstration site for other farmers. This model farm, led by gender champions, highlights the benefits of improved farming techniques and gender equity in coffee production. 

Enjoy the rich flavors and empowering story of Queen Usawa Kahawa, a coffee that represents balance, quality, and the spirit of Tanzanian coffee farming. 

Local Community Impact 

$1 of every retail bag of Queen coffee sold goes to help support the Downtown  Women's Center in Amarillo, TX. They are a fantastic local non-profit who help women leave abusive relationships and help provide a safe place to stay.

Medium Grind from fresh Whole Beans
1 Part Coffee to 16 Parts Filtered Water at 195-205° F
Sip it slow in your favorite mug
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Country Tanzania
Region Mbozi, Songwe
Variety Kent, Bourbon, N39
Elevation 1,600 Masl
Process Washed
notes of White Grape, Floral Finish

Origin;Mbozi, Songwe, Tanzania
Variety;Kent, Bourbon, N39. Local Varieties 
Elevation;1,600 masl
We Taste;White Grape, Floral Finish


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