The Queen - 12 oz bag
The Queen - 12 oz bag
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The Queen - 12 oz bag

In this Washed Process coffee from Guatemala, we taste notes of Citrus, Raspberry and Clover Honey!


Queen is a project that has been created by Palace to celebrate women in the coffee industry. This coffee was grown by women owned farms, roasted by and cupped by women that work at Palace. $1 dollar of every bag sold will go to support a local non profit that focuses on women's issues.

Medium Grind from fresh Whole Beans
1 Part Coffee to 16 Parts Filtered Water at 195-205° F
Sip it slow in your favorite mug
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About The Queen
Country Guatemala
Region Huehuetenango
Variety Caturra, Bourbon
Elevation 1,700 masl
Process Washed
Importer Onyx Coffee
We Taste Citrus, Raspberry and Clover Honey

We're excited to introduce you to our special blend, the 'Hermanas Mendez' lot. It's made up of three neighboring nano-lots, each from a sister of the Mendez family. Collaboration and determination have made this blend possible. The sisters started with very little, but through perseverance and sharing resources, they created something truly special. The entire Mendez family works together along a remote mountainside to make each other's lots thrive. They operate like a cooperative, each member making their contributions.
The care and attention to detail that the Mendez family puts into cultivating their coffee is impressive. From Gabino's quality improvements to Francisco Florencio and Minga Leticia's support with water distribution, each family member benefits from the communal approach. This year, we carefully blended lots based on quality, while keeping individual family member's lots separated by name to showcase their work.
The result is an exemplary coffee that showcases the best of Huehuetenango terroir: layered from hot to cold, with deep dark chocolate depth, a buttery body, and a profile reminiscent of forest berries, plum, and vanilla wafer. We're thrilled to share the 'Hermanas Mendez' lot with you and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

About this coffee, Brazil

Brazil Salmo is a blend of 100% Cerrado region coffees from 12
producers.Cerrado is a relatively new region for coffee production. In the
Brazil the natural process means ripe and raisin cherries are collected,
cleaned and separated by weight at washing stations. The pre-drying process
occurs under the sun between 2 to 7 days or more (farmers favor full sun
dried process whenever possible) and finalized in mechanical driers followed
by 30 days of resting in wood boxes to homogenize the dry coffee.


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