A look at our 2019 Club Member events!

We love parties. It feels like we’re always planning for something or have something exciting on the horizon. Some of our favorite parties are our club member events. Yes, in addition to the public events we often host, club members get access to other exclusive events. Often times, we partner with local business to host a one of a kind event that brings together our great coffee and another great local product. For example, last week, we brought our club members a desert pairing with the help of Barrel and Pie located on the square in Canyon. Barrel and Pie provided 3 exquisite and droll worthy deserts to pair with our coffee. This included, brewed coffee, espresso, and a cold brew cocktail pairing. This event happens once a year and it’s always a hit with our club members.

This year we still have an event with 6 Car Pub and Brewery in the works, as well as a club member happy hour. If these events are anything like our most recent, (and we promise they will be) they won’t disappoint. Want in? There’s still time! You can still purchase a club membership for a few more weeks! But hurry, there are only a few left in our shops. Don’t forget the club membership is much much more than just fun events. In addition to that, you’ll also get 25% off wholebean coffee, drinks and pastries. And, oh yeah, a 50% discount for your (much needed) Monday coffee. The cost of membership is $150 but you get to take home a club member tumbler as well as a $25 cash card. Ask your barista for details on how to purchase today!

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$67.50/Cambro (2.5 gallons serves 30-40)
$30.00/ Coffee-to-Go (1 gallon serves 10-15)
*For orders less than 24 hours in advance, please order by phone. Earliest pickup time for orders is 30 mins after our shops open*

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