Palace Coffee Company

Be Kind • Serve Great Coffee

Locally Roasted Coffee + Community Minded Spaces

Serving coffee is what we do, but creating relationships is why we do it. While we can’t claim to be perfect, we strive to be the best that we can be in our craft, all the while establishing an environment where others can also work towards perfecting their own craft. Our cafes serve as a common ground for much of Amarillo, setting the stage for new ideas and relationships. We believe that local is better and are committed to the greater community outside our doors, taking large efforts to give back as much as we can.

Coffee + Merchandise

We know not everyone has access to our retail locations or are just plain busy and don’t have the time to stop in. We’d love to help you out and deliver our locally roasted coffee right to your door. You can purchase all things Palace below, from the comfort of your office… or bed (we don’t judge).


Hopefully our pride shows and you’re ready to serve our locally roasted coffee. Nothing would make us happier than to help provide great coffee for your business. Whether you’d like to open your own coffee shop or just have a small coffee setup for your customers, any coffee program takes a lot of work. Let us answer all your questions.


We take pride in our locally roasted coffee coming from our home right here in the Texas panhandle. Roasted in Downtown Amarillo and served in our three local cafes, our coffee serves as the base for many specialty coffee beverages. We’re showing Amarillo first hand what good coffee can be. It is our desire to make sure that anyone who encounters Palace in any capacity not only encounters good coffee but kind, community minded people serving that coffee. Palace isn’t just a brand, it’s a family and we want to provide our family with the best.