The Annex...Coming Soon!


The term “annex” is most commonly used when referencing an addition to a main component. The Annex will be exactly that for Palace Coffee Company. For almost eight years now, since humble beginnings in Canyon, Palace has expanded to Amarillo with a total of four locations. All with the same goal; to bring great coffee to its customers, or as we call you, guests.

We are now very excited to share the same attention to detail and merging of quality ingredients in the food realm as well. The Annex, located downtown in the lobby of the Firstbank Southwest Tower (formerly known as Chase Tower), will have a small menu featuring both breakfast and lunch options as well as some great snack selections to tide you over in between! The coffee offerings will be the same as all Palace locations with the exception of the monthly cause lattes and the single origin espresso. What could be better than great food paired with great coffee? I’ll tell ya…feeling good about your food choices.

The Annex will focus on whole food and plant-based offerings. That is to say that everything from sauces to dressings, will be made in house. You won’t have to bite into our food wondering if it has added sugars or heavy oils. We will simplify and purify everything for you without sacrificing flavor! We couldn’t be happier to bring these healthy food offerings to Amarillo and help people feel better about themselves at the start of this New Year! And don't worry, if eating plants scares you, we'll have something for you too. 

Breakfast will have a hearty steel cut oatmeal with plenty of additions to dress them up to your liking. We’ll also have some very delicious smoothies to get your day started right!  Lunch will have a rotating salad and sandwich option, both with fresh dressings and spreads to kick them up that extra notch. Or if you’d rather, you can always go for one of our craft lunch bowls. The burrito bowl will feature a base of rice with fajita veggies, fresh salsa, and your choice of protein topped with a good-for-you queso! The Ying Yang rice bowl will be super refreshing with edamame, sprouts, grilled pineapple, a dueling sauce fight on top and a sprinkling of some nori to bring it all together. Are you hungry yet?

If so, some snacks like our sweet or savory loaded toast options can help you. There will also be some yummy rotating hummus ready for you to munch on, or you could go for our non-dairy cheese and fruit plate. All of these will fill you up with great micro and macro nutrients to help you power through your day and the new year! Please join us and enjoy the new creations we have to offer. As always, be kind and serve great coffee (and food).


  • So exciting for more healthy options! Congratulations

    D’Ann Swain
  • So excited to hear Palace is moving forward with a whole food plant based menu. Finding vegan options can be tough, and all of these options are making my mouth water! Keep up the good work!

    Malea McWest

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$67.50/Cambro (2.5 gallons serves 30-40)
$30.00/ Coffee-to-Go (1 gallon serves 10-15)
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