Be Kind, Serve Great Coffee. This mantra is the heartbeat of Palace Coffee Company, and our goal for each customer who frequents any of our locations is to experience this living mission statement upon every visit.

Palace Coffee Company has proudly served the Canyon and Amarillo communities for the last decade. Palace was born because owners, Patrick and Krystal, dreamed of creating a safe “third” place where anyone, regardless of their background or circumstance, would feel safe, valued and appreciated. We aim to serve the best quality product for our guests to enjoy, but creating a genuine, positive, and inclusive guest experience for everyone remains our primary focus.


Palace Coffee Company has called the Canyon and Amarillo communities home for the past ten years. The first Palace Coffee location opened on July 1, 2011 on the historic square in Canyon, TX. The red brick building that houses the original Palace boasts a rich history. In fact, from 1912-1960, that building was home to The Palace Hotel, which is how owners Patrick and Krystal Burns came up with the name for their new coffee venture. Patrick and Krystal are Amarillo natives who graduated from Randall High School and wanted to tip their hats to the history of the building by rebirthing the Palace namesake. The original plan was for Palace Coffee to be a quaint mom and pop shop in Canyon, where the Burns could live out their entrepreneur dreams and make a good living. As it turns out, this amazing community had bigger plans for them…


As the Burns delved more into the coffee industry at large, they quickly realized that an entire world of opportunities lay before them. The Palace team began competing in coffee competitions and finding success. Palace began making a name for itself, not only within their little community in Canyon, but in the coffee industry as a whole. Because the Palace name was gaining momentum, the timing was perfect for expansion and a new location was opened in the heart of Downtown Amarillo on historic Polk Street. This second location opened its doors on June 12, 2014 in the Paramount building - another building with a rich history. From 1932-1975, the Paramount building housed the finest theatre in Amarillo. Bringing honor to the community’s history while bringing members of that community together swiftly became a theme deeply enmeshed within the Palace culture.


With both locations thriving, Palace’s expansion continued. When communities wrap their arms around a small business in the ways that Amarillo and Canyon do, finding new and exciting ways to continue to serve their needs becomes priority #1. Work began on a third location in Southwest Amarillo while simultaneously, plans for a roastery began to take shape so that Palace could begin producing their own product by roasting in-house. Palace Coffee teamed up with Amarillo National Bank for a new banking concept, which is how the third Palace location came to fruition. That location opened on May 9, 2016. ANB rented out 2,500 square feet of their building to Palace and adopted Palace’s design throughout their business banking center for a shared business experience. This location also boasts a shared conference room that ANB reserves for its customers and Palace’s alike. Over the next several years, Palace was presented with other unique opportunities for opening retail spaces in Amarillo: one on the Amarillo College campus as well as one in the FirstBank Southwest building. While exciting ventures at the time, both of these locations eventually closed, allowing Palace to focus its efforts on better performing locations in addition to growing the roasting arm of their business.


Palace has seen exponential growth and added services for the duration of its decade long existence. As a small business with a broad community focus, Palace now proudly consults with other entrepreneurs desiring to open a cafe of their own. Palace has also expanded their wholesale customer base and added their coffee to the shelves of 6 local grocery store locations and 9 grocery stores in the DFW area. In July of 2021, Palace moved its roasting operations into a brand new facility in Wolflin Square. This stunning 6,800 square foot project consists of a 2,500 square foot roastery, a beautiful cafe space with expansive indoor seating, a pet-friendly patio, and a new concept, The Regal Tea Bar - an experiential craft tea bar.



$67.50/Cambro (2.5 gallons serves 30-40)
$30.00/ Coffee-to-Go (1 gallon serves 10-15)
*For orders less than 24 hours in advance, please order by phone. Earliest pickup time for orders is 30 mins after our shops open*

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